Read Me In 3D

    Welcome to Brandeis! Please check out our 3D books. We have many more on the way. Fourth Grade Brandeis students are completing Invention/Inventor books. Third grade students have started Biography books. Please be sure to turn books around to get 3D perspective. They are particularly impressive when we use a webcam with a Smartboard. Please continue to check site because we have many more that are being uploaded soon. The program is Zooburst and our Brandeis STLP students have been in direct communication with the developer. Our input in the site's development has been so helpful we were given a free subscription for a year.

    Alex's Book - Funky Scab and the Mall Mystery- A monster is terrorizing the mall. "The Gang" might just be their only hope in finding the monster. Will they find it and catch the moster in time?

    Govind's and Armon's Book-Fred-Alexander is banished from the kingdom by King Ruthford. He must slay the dragon of Fred for survival. Will he slay, or be slain?

    Noah's and Eli's Book-The Chocolate Covered Latte- A terrorizing latte is hunting everyone. No one can stop it. Will it be stopped or will it's path of destruction continue?

    Anirudh's Book-The Eternal Knight- The Eternal Knight, also known as Tek, or Tekko, boasts to his friend that he can beat Deat himself. However, can he really beat him or will he be consumed by Death?

    Mridul and N'Kara's Book- Jack and the Beanstalk- Jack trades his family's cow for five magical beans that grow into a huge beanstalk! Will he return with money enough to help his poor family?

    Elena and Ally's Book-Friendz- When two friends split their own ways, something clicks in Emalee's head. Meleeka has to be feeling bad about something.

    Mahathi and Sri's Book-Lost in the Mountains- This book is about three girls discovering three mysterious stones which transport them into the cold Himalayas.

    Hannah's Book- The Stealer- When Savannah steals nail polish from Hot Topic, she feels very guilty, but she doesn't return it still.

    Atul's Book- The Race To The Golden Ice Cream

    Macie and Jaquelyn's Book- The Life Saving Duchess- real life situation in which a dog named Dutchess saves a baby named Taylor's life!

    Kayla's Book- Galileo

    The Mysterious Calls- Made by Tiffany and Dena- It's about the girl want to go to the spa and her friend surprise and they went all togeter.

    Cat Attack- Made by Ben and Anthony- A normal school week turned upside-meow.

    Basketball Problems- Made by Markesha and Howard- s about and kids wan to py basktteball bt the hae a fw le in it. If you the book in 3D!!

    The Skating Party-Kayla and Ronae's book- In the middle of a skating party ghost mysticly appeared out of thin air. Everybody went runing out of the buliding but not Tamika. Will she ever find out the mystery of the mystic appearing ghost? Or will it remain a secert forever. If you want to find out more read the skating party in 3D.

    Rishav's Book- Stranded- John, a U.S. Army Pilot was carrying out a mission. While doing so he got stranded on an island.