Brandeis Inventors

    Brandeis Inventors

    Whitcomb L. Judson- The Zipper- In this book you will learn about one of the most popular inventions.... the zipper!! Bet you didn't know who invented the zipper! After this book you will learn more than what you expected. Created by Mark

    Galileo-If you read this book you will get information about Galileo and his whole life. How did he invent the telescope? Find out that and much more by reading my books. Galileo had a very intresting life too. Made by Ann. ENJOY!!!!!!!(:

    Nintendo-The DSIXL- Do you like video games? If you read this you will find infomation about the DSI XL and who created it. Made by Kayla ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Viktor Schauberger-Flying Disc- Made by Brianna

    Galileo- Telescope- in this book you will read about Galileo and his amazing life story. Made by Caterina.

    Lazlo Biro- Ball Point Pens- do you like to write? well i am pretty sure Lazlo biro did. if you read this book then you can find out more abbout the ball point pen! made by Sara ENJOY!

    Dr. Percy L. Spencer-Microwave-Have you ever wanted to see who invented the microwave oven? Well read this book to find out! Enjoy!

    Nikola Tesla- Tesla Coil- Did you ever want to see artifical lightning or did you wonder who invented it? Read my book, Tesla Coils Rock by Connor!