St. Matthews Elementary

Student created, directed, performed and edited video on Jane Goodall.

Noe Middle School

Boston Tea Party

Zachary Taylor Elementary

Students from Zachary Taylor Elementary interview Zachary Taylor

St. Matthews Elementary

Student created, directed, performed and editted video on Jane Goodall.

Discovering Mammoth Cave

A young boy daydreams on a tour of Mammoth Cave and becomes Stephen Bishop. Stephen Bishop was an slave that crossed the Bottomless Pit and mapped much of the cave.

crosby Mary Breckinridge

the story of Mary Breckinridge shot in black and white.

Wilder - World War II

This video depicts the events during World War II leading up to dropping the atomic bomb, and the pilot's discussion.

Watson Lane Titanic

John Astor on the last voyage of the HMS Titanic.

Mary Breckinridge

Meyzeek Middle School's movie on the life of Mary Breckinridge. -Frances Rippy -Madison Fleischaker -Mrs. Pierce

Chancey Elementary

Boston Tea Party

A Day in Infamy

This is a depiction of World War II presented by Katie Mallory and Justin Wells of Crosby Middle School.

Maupin Elementary

The First Thanksgiving

Watson Lane Elementary

California Gold Rush

Young Elementary

First Battle of the Civil War

Kennedy Montessori Elementary

Stephen Bishop and his work at Mammoth Cave

Greathouse Shryock Traditional Elementry School

This is a story of how Grace Hopper started the phrase debugging a machine. This story is basically true besides the fact that Steve Jobs is in there. He really wasn't at Harvard.

Luhr Elementary

Carry A. Nation was a leader of the temperance movement in pre-prohibition America whose work led to the passage of the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Westport M.S.

A survivor of the Titanic describes her last days.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

The rise of President Obama from the Democratic National Convention to Inauguation!

Crums Lane

This is a story about Claudette Colvin.She was the first person to keep her seat on the bus.